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We're a Distinguished Family of Storytellers Who Craft Soulful Stories for Hospitality Brands...


So, our mission is to help Atlanta's finest hospitality brands tell their most captivating tales, highlighting meaningful nuances that set them apart from market alternatives, and creating unwavering brand loyalty. We offer a concise menu of branding services from all-inclusive branding packages to ongoing design plans. 


Become our guest and you’ll enjoy access to soulful solutions designed for the finest hospitality brands in the city. We speak straight to the soul of your dream buyer... and we do it in a way that can only be done at Black House Brands. 

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Founder & Chief Brand Manager

She's the visionary mind behind Black House Brands and a cutting-edge creator who's turning hospitality branding on its head in the city of Atlanta.


With over 10 years of experience as a brand strategist and graphic designer, Jeeah established the company because of a profound belief in the hospitality industry's essence—showing love and passion for serving one another.


As an ambitious creator, Jeeah thrives on designing decadent brand experiences that blend creativity with strategic discernment.

But she's not the only creative mind in our House...



From graphic designers to sound designers, from models to marketers... We're a Distinguished Family of Storytellers Who Craft Soulful Stories

for Hospitality Brands..



Assistant Brand Manager & Model

Imani has been helping build Black House since day one! She's an exceptional asset to our team on and off the camera.


Since the start she has helped us create everything from product photos to full brand refreshes.



Promotional Marketing Specialist

Nate is a clever one to watch for when it comes to print and promotional marketing.


He's a hard-working advocate for the expansion of our team's capabilities and has been our biggest guide when it comes to bringing design concepts into the physical world.


Fun fact: He's also Jeeah's brother!




She's a beautiful and ambitious model who's helped us execute some of our favorite photography projects!

Sammie specializes in commercial and runway photography and has worked hand-in-hand with Imani to help our team provide professional, knowledgeable talent for shoots.



Master of Sounds

Winston is another Black House OG and is a genius when it comes to audio engineering! 

For years he's not only helped us to take a wholistic approach to branding, he's also one of the most supportive, dynamic people on the team.



Lead Photographer

KG is the jokester of the group and the most adventurous of us when it comes to growing his creative skills.

He's a priceless asset in capturing mouthwatering content for our favorite guests and even training other folks on our team to do the same.



Lead Videographer

Shawn is a whiz when it comes to videography and our secret weapon on very special projects for very special clients. 

He's a total gear-head, so you can find him researching the best new gadget and making sure we're always capturing content with exceptional equipment.

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