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We're a Distinguished Family of Storytellers Who Craft Soulful Stories for Hospitality Brands.

We believe in the persuasive power of handcrafted brand stories. So, our mission is to help Atlanta's finest hospitality brands tell their most captivating tales, highlighting meaningful nuances that set them apart from market alternatives, and creating unwavering brand loyalty. We offer a concise menu of branding services from all-inclusive branding packages to ongoing design plans. By joining our family you’ll enjoy access to soulful solutions designed for the finest hospitality brands in the city. We speak straight to the soul of your dream buyer... and we do it in a way that can only be done in The South.


the visionary founder behind Black House Brands. With a passion for design that ignited at the age of 14, Jeeah's creative journey has been an unstoppable force ever since. Armed with a marketing degree from Kennesaw State University, she embarked on a mission to support and elevate Atlanta's finest spaces, enabling them to offer unmatched guest experiences.


Jeeah's inspiration stems from her deep admiration for the hospitality industry, which serves as major inspiration for the structure of Black House Brands. From crafting designs for prestigious clients such as Korbel Champagne and Silver Fox Staffing to collaborating with international brands, her portfolio speaks volumes about her expertise.

Hailing from the quaint town of Powder Springs, just outside of Atlanta, Jeeah's upbringing in a small town and supportive family encouraged her desire to travel, giving her a global perspective from an early age. This, combined with her passion for hospitality and design, propelled her to explore the world and cultivate a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. Nearly fluent in Spanish and driven by her love for excellent service experiences, Jeeah's dreams extend to collaborating with illustrious brands like Airbnb, The Gathering Spot, and Hyatt.

Join Jeeah and the Black House Brands family on a remarkable journey where exceptional design services meet unconventional brand strategy. Experience the love of an agency that not only understands your aspirations but possesses the expertise to bring them to life. Together, we can create a brand experience that leaves an unforgettable mark on the city of Atlanta.


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