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How Chef Nia Spencer used Black House Brands to Craft a Personal Brand Strategy & Identity as a Celebrity Private Chef 


BRANDING PACKAGE: Brand Foundations, Ebook Design, & Social Content



Lively, effervescent, and vibrant — there’s a lot packed into every bottle of Korbel. Since 1882, Korbel has been a versatile and spontaneous sparkler that transforms everyday celebrations with their selection of accessible champagne options.
This case study outlines the process and benefits that Krobel enjoyed as our team helped to make their 2023 brand activation at the Sundresses & Seersuckers festival a massive success.


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Standing Out in a Competitive Environment

Every year the well-established Sundresses & Seersuckers festival hosted by Omega Psi Phi (AKA The Ques) lights up Centennial Olympic Park with over 7,000 affluent, discerning attendees and tons of notable sponsors. 
So, our friends over at CTE Marketing, an experiential agency that works with Hospitality industry giants, reached out for some creative help for Korbel’s project. They wanted us to see how we could help amplify the impact and reach that Korbel’s brand activation would have at the event. We were told that the project would be centered around a single free-standing backdrop plus a bar area to serve mimosas. Our job was to find a creative way to bring the concept together and help Korbel stand out from the crowd!

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After assembling five of our team's finest creatives and strategist, we further defined the objectives of the project around 3 key points:

  • Increase brand visibility: Attract the target audience with a signature photo wall experience

  • Dispel misconceptions: Showcase Korbel's quality and diverse roster of offerings

  • Drive social media engagement: Encourage social media sharing and interaction to boost engagement and increase brand awareness.

We decided to craft a super “hashtagable” concept centered around Korbel’s famous tagline, “Make It Gold”. #MakeItGold perfectly articulated not only the values of the brand, but also the ideals of the audience in their desire for quality and the gold/purple colors associated with The Ques. We designed a lush and vibrant background concept with 2 grand white thrones seated in front and the tagline #MakeItGold displayed boldly behind and a bar serving 3 drink options that highlighted the brand’s diverse roster of offerings. 
Our final deliverable was a 6-page plan that included project overviews, our research, a mockup of the brand activation design concept, fun drink recipes, and a bonus mood board and to help bring the concept to life. 

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A Golden Experience for a Golden Crowd

We’ve always believed in the enticing power of a signature wall.
So of course, when all was said and done, our client was overjoyed to report that Korbel’s activation was hands-down one of the most frequented spaces at the event. Our guidance helped offer tons of attendees a highly interactive experience that increased visibility, dispelled misconceptions, and was a catalyst for social sharing. 
Since then, CTE Marketing’s President has become one of our #1 clients and always comes to us with high-value projects that work to upbuild his portfolio of brands in the hospitality industry. 

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Find out how we can serve your hospitality brand.

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